Month: March 2016


Home after Homesession

16th March 2016

“Thanks to all the amazing people I met over the last month and a half in Barcelona. I had a wonderful and extremely productive time on the Homesession Residency. More importantly, I feel I have a ton of work I still want to make off the back of it too. Special thanks to Rosario, Olivier…


Thank you and goodnight!

5th March 2016

Yuka Namekawa gives a presentation on her time as A.I.R at THIS and there is a welcome dinner and presentation by new A.I.R artist: Ariadna Guiteraz                            


Yuka Namekawa ends her residency

4th March 2016

Thank you to Yuka Namekawa for being our second A.I.R. Yuks will be giving an artists talk at the artists dinner tonight as she hands over the A.I.R space to our 3rd participant. Here are a few images from Yukas work during her time at THIS.     



4th March 2016

Luke Drozd is coming to the end of his time in Barcelona, so we thought we would update you with a few of his images. We miss you Luke.